About us


Alexander Dubois founded bluesky mediaconsult in early 2010 after gaining a wealth of in-depth knowledge and experience in retail, export, distribution, and trade fair presentation in jewellrey and watches in his role as a national and international advertising and sales manager and director at Rühle-Diebener-Verlag, one of Europe’s leading B2B and B2C publishing houses specialising in jewellery and watches.
We operate within an extensive network that spans the globe; we share the network with jewellres and dealers, manufacturers, diamond and gemstone merchants, designers, goldsmiths, trade fair organisers, publishers, freelance editors in jewellery and watches, and specialist and export organisations serving us with advice and support in specialised matters.
Over the years, we have built up an extensive database of jewellers, jewellrey and watch manufacturers, diamond and gemstone dealers, designers and goldsmiths as well as specialist trade fair organisers and technical equipment manufacturers. Our database forms the basis for business models such as direct marketing.